Uncover your True voice

This regular workshop is for all those who would like to learn to sing with a supportive and friendly group, for those who would love to sing but have no confidence, or who may have been told at school or by parents that they can't. It is also for public speakers who have problems projecting their voices.

Carolin believes that it is everyones birthright to be able to sing and that it is as natural an ability as speaking. However some children's voices develop at a slower rate than others, or they've been brought up in an environment where self expression and"noise" was not encouraged. It is these unfortunates who are labled at an early age as tone deaf, or growlers. They then mentally and emotionally close down that important avenue of expression. It can therefore be very empowering and moving to rediscover that lost part of themselves and to blossom into confident and full voiced singers.

Carolin provides a safe, supportive and confidential environment where you can explore breath, nerves & confidence issues, emotional blockages, relaxation techniques, voice production & projection.

We will laugh, cry, shout and exalt together, encouraging each other to find our authentic, true voice that helps us all to express our deepest feelings and a sense of connection to a greater whole.

We will also learn some simple, heart-warming group songs and chants.

Chanting & Meditation Circle for Women

Through sounding, chanting and guided meditation we will be moving ourselves into open-hearted states of awareness, thus shifting the harmonics of our mental consciousness into higher levels. The repetition of simple chants can move our mind into a state of trance and balances the right and left lobes of the brain, thus allowing all mind chatter, anxiety and stress to just drop away . Each mantra has a specific healing quality which can be directed both to ourselves and our lives and also to friends and family and out into the global network, thuus attempting to restore our planet to a healthy balance.

Healing Sacred Sound

This course is for all those who would like to learn how to use their voices therapeutically, for themselves and for others. You are taught various healing techniques and meditations which enable you to set up sound vibrations in your body, or others, using your voice. This is achieved using the technique of toning vowel sounds with your voice into the chakras, or energy centres of the body, which sets up subtle vibrations and assists in keeping the body "in tune"in a state of harmony and balance. .

You will also learn various voice and movement exercises, aimed at releasing emotional energy blockages which are stored in the cells of the body.

You will learn the technique of overtone singing, where more than one note is sounded as a harmonic of the main note being sung. This technique has been practiced for thousands of years by Tibetan and Mongolian monks in monasteries, but has only been brought into the Western world fairly recently. It is a sacred art that literally fine tunes our entire nervous system and brain, bringing us to a higher state of consciousness, the state that the Tibetans call "Rigpa", where you reach an awareness that combines emptiness with clarity, a sense of Being in the present moment, connected to the peace of the Inner Heart.

During the course we will also be learning to sing sacred chants and mantras and taking part in sound meditations and visualisations. We will then learn how to use these sounds to perform healing ceremonies at sacred sites and to take part in planetary healing.

To find out more about the scientific background to these techniques go to the section on sound healing.

Song coaching class:

For all those singers who would like to take their voice to a higher level, perfecting their skills in a supportive group, where you can have the benefit of a caring and understanding captive audience on whom to try out new songs and get useful feedback.

Carolin will give advice on repertoire and suitable songs to study for each persons voice and personality, thus assisting the participants to develop a wide taste and ability in varied styles of music.

We will work on exercises and technique together in the first half of each class and then, with the assistance of backing CDs or their own guitar accompaniment, singers will take turns to perform to each other and to receive Carolin's skilled appraisal of diction, phrasing, breath control, timbre and interpretation of the style of the piece.

At the end of the term we will create an informal concert of the terms work and singers can invite friends and family to join them and give feedback on their progress.

This class is for those who already have some experience and ability in singing and it works well as a follow on from individual tuition. See Singing tuition