The fundamental theory behind all vibrational healing is that all matter around us, whether it be solid, fluid or flexible is in a state of constant vibration. Solid matter is vibrating at a very slow rate, whereas matter such as water or air is vibrating much faster. The highest and purest of all vibrations are colour, light and sound. Your body is also vibrating; each part and organ at a different frequency, so it is possible to find those frequencies and to play them into the body, either with the voice, or with specially designed instruments, to create harmony and balance, and to literally re-tune the body to perfect health. This discovery of vibration was largely brought to our attention by scientific experiments conducted in the late19th C and early 20th C, which have been termed Cymatics.


Early in the 20thC Hans Jenny, a Swiss scientist, made some major breakthroughs in his experiments into the effects of sound on inorganic matter. He called these experiments Cymatics, after the Greek word Kyma, meaning 'Wave'. In them he demonstrated the creation of form through sound. He put various mediums, such as iron filings, sand, clay or water onto a steel plate with a crystal oscillator attached to the bottom. This oscillator created a pulse and sound wave which vibrated the steel plate. The lifeless particles on the plate responded to the vibrations by forming into beautiful, symmetrical shapes, in constant motion. When the frequency of the vibration changed, so did the resultant image appearing on the metal plate, moving in a geometrically.patterned wave.

2. Cymatic picture of sound through water

Cymatic picture of a voice toning AH through sand

To understand these experiments fully it helps to define sound. According to G. I Gurdjieff audible sound is made up of three characteristics -- PULSE, WAVE, & FORM. - or put simplistically THOUGHT + VIBRATION = MATTER.

Gurdjieff states that the relationship between pulse, wave and form is the fundamental law that creates all phenomena. This law is also known as the Law of Three and consists of the fact that every phenomena, on whatever scale, from molecular to cosmic, is the result of the combination of the meeting of these 3 forces. In Christianity these principles were known as Father, Son & Holy Ghost, in the Pagan, Goddess and Earth traditions it was Father Sky, Mother Earth and Holy Spirit, while in Hinduism it's represented by Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Basically it represents the energetic union of the male and female principle, which then creates the Holy spirit or the Divine seed / Christ child. In sacred symbols you often come across the triangle , such as in the Star of David, which represents this Trinity and also the Divine law of as above , so below.

Also the Kaballah, the sacred Judaic symbol is made up of intersecting triangles, each point representing a different aspect of God, which, if embodied leads to enlightenment.

Another symbol, used by James Twyman in his work with the Beloved Community and the psychic Indigo children and which was used by St John with his apostles is the Emissary wheel.

Like the Kabala, each point of the triangles represents a different quality, which when lived and experienced by the participant leads to the inner heart of peace and stillness. Note that it is mad up of 4 intersecting triangles, again representing the Trinity or law of 3.

Peter Guy Manners took this research further and managed to work out the correct vibrational frequencies that each organ of the body gives off. He then designed a CYMATICS device to project the correct sounds, into the body at specific points. A cure can thus be directed to diseased organs, or cells of the body which have begun vibrating at the wrong frequencies, by re-entraining them to return to the normal healthy frequency. Cures have been effected in cases of rheumatism, bone fractures, paralysis and also on cancer cells by this method and also on gall- stones which can be broken up, without the need of painful surgery, just by projecting the correct frequency, rather in the same way as the opera singer who can shatter a wine glass when singing a high note. She just happens to have matched her frequency with that of the glass..

The above picture was taken by the sound healer Fabien Maman and shows cancer cells breaking up after 9 minutes of toning with the human voice using the correct healthy frequency and the intention of healing.


This then brings me to the importance of the power of intention in creating the results we wish for.

Jonathan Goldman, the internationally reknowned sound-healer and author of "Healing Sounds" asserts another fomula of the sacred law of 3 which is INTENTION + SOUND =MANIFESTATION, or put in different words VISUALISATION + VOCALISATION = MANIFESTATION/ HEALING. This follows the accepted understanding that energy flows where attention goes.

I have had my own personal experience of a colleague working with the Cymatic instrument of Peter Guy Manners, previously mentioned. We were working together on a healing of a friend. She selected the frequency suggested for the particular organ that required healing and projected it into the friends body at the appropriate point. We then muscle tested to see if healing had occurred and were given a negative, although there had been some improvement. I then intuited a frequency which I toned with my voice into the affected area, but with the addition of healing intention, and when we muscle tested the cure had been manifested.

This is a perfect example of the power of thought and intention to create the reality that we desire. It also shows that machines are limited as there are bound to be slight variations in the vibrational frequencies of the organs of each individual and without the intention or thought behind the healing process the results would not be as effective.

Power of Prayer:

Numerous experiments in science are now being conducted into the powers of prayer to change our reality.

Noteworthy are the recent experiments carried out by the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, whose books "Messages from Water" show us stunning photographic evidence of the effects of prayer on water crystals.

Masaro Emoto, showed that water crystals would radically change their physical make up into perfectly formed star crystals after thoughts of love and beauty were projected into them, whereas when thoughts of hate and anger were projected the whole atomic structure of the water would collapse.

"The Power of Prayer "

"You make me sick"

These pictures were created when Emoto projected different thought processes into the water, froze the water particles and then photographed them under a microscope. He found later in his experiments that he could achieve the same results if he stuck a lable with a quality such as love or hatred, on a jar of water overnight, as he discovered that by the morning the water would be reflecting the quality written on the lable.

What these experiments showed was that our thoughts, feelings and prayers invoke a vibratory energy that

literally creates a different hologram. The thoughts that we hold in our hearts and minds are the key to what manifests in our lives. It is not dependent on something out there or some invisible power stronger than us. It is a reality that originates within us, despite the outer appearance. The outer is simply a reflection of our inner state of being.

Fabien Maman did similar experiments on different inanimate objects which he subjected to prayer or sound. He then took a Kirlian photograph of the object before and after the sounding or prayer. Kirlian photos work on recording the aura or energy rays that surround all matter. His photos showed a significant visible increase in the energy rays around each object after prayer or sound had been carried out.

The following picture shows a piece of inanimate cotton, first before prayer, second with prayer, third without prayer, fourth with prayer and sound.

All this scientific research serves to give heartening visible evidence of the lessons in the Course of Miracles, that we are ourselves "Creator Gods", masters of our own universe, capable of creating our own reality, rather than being victims of fate. This is certainly encouraging, particularly at this time when the world around us, if we listen to the News, seems so threateningly close to annhihilation. It shows us that we have a choice. We can choose either to live in the state of fear that our society and our governments are dictating, or we can choose to direct our creative life force to thoughts of love, compassion, faith, charity, peace and joy, for if we hold those thoughts in our hearts and send them out with pure intention, then that is the world which we will create. We can invoke another vibration which shifts us to a higher level or octave and then simply reprogramme our reality. We live in a holographic world, a creative matrix which we can programme through our own thoughts and feelings. Now is a more important time than ever before to focus on this basic truth.