Teaching Style:

Carolin believes that nearly all vocal problems are either emotional, psychological, or due to muscular tensions and habitual bad posture. So many of my past pupils admitted that family or teachers at school told them to stop singing when they were young or to just mouth the words, because their sound was thought to be "not good enough". Young children sing when they're happy, without thinking about how they sound. It's a joyful expression of their tender young souls, so it's very damaging to them if adults make judgemental comments, as the child will probably close down that part of themselves from then on for the rest of their lives. Carolin therefore gives pupils exercises which help with their self esteem, confidence, and physical balance so that their vocal instrument is as relaxed as possible. She has devised a series of exercises to increase the pupils confidence, physical ease, balance and self-esteem. Even the most nervous and unconfident pupils have been amazed at the large sound they have then produced. She has also worked with pupils who believed that they were tone deaf and were surprised when they found that they were able to keep to a tune.

Carolin has based many of her exercises on holistic or therapeutic methods such as yoga, isometrics and Alexander technique, and these enable pupils to improve their vocal tone, breath control, alacrity and vocal range in a natural and relaxed way. In addition she is a sensitive and musical song coach, helping pupils to achieve the most effective interpretation of their songs, with good phrasing and diction, timbre, subtle nuances and breath control. She has successfully helped pupils through Associated Board exams and auditions for shows and jobs

Personal Experience:

Carolin trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama under Duncan Robertson and Laura Sarti, and then privately with Jessie Cash. In opera she has sung professionally with Kent Opera, English National Opera, Glyndebourne Festival Opera, Opera Rara and a small touring chamber opera company Opera Roundabout. She has a lot of experience also as a recitalist, with her group the Elysium Ensemble, which took historically related concerts of music and verse to Stately Homes and with The Cappricio Ensemble, a chamber group formed with her ex husband the cellist Sebastian Comberti and the pianist Jose Feghali.

In 1996 she became interested in the therapeutic nature of the voice after attending a conference at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland called"Songs of Heaven and Earth" where she experienced the amazing power of simple harmony chants repeated over and again to relax and lift the spirits. After this she understood the therapeutic potential of singing easy, feel good harmony songs and she trained as a workshop leader of natural voice with Frankie Armstrong.and then trained as a workshop leader of Natural Voice with Frankie Armstrong. After this she took an M.A at Middlesex University under Work-based Learning Studies in "The Holistic Role of Vocal Music and Sound Healing" after which she began to run her own voice workshops and community choirs, helping people to find the natural power and quality of their voices.

She now plans to offer healing concerts in Old Peoples Homes, Hospitals, Hospices and Children's homes and other more traditional venues. Her ambition is to become a "singing troubadour" performing healing concerts in troubled areas of the world to promote peace and a raising of human consciousness.) She performs an eclectic and wide range of music, from classical, opera, oratorio, folk, to blues and popular show songs..


Thank you very much for the lesson we just had. Not only did I learn some very useful techniques for singing, but I still feel relaxed, both physically and mentally. EN


I'd like to say a big thank you to you for all the singing teaching and giving me the confidence to do it in front of a class and on stage as I have done recently a couple of times. That really is one hell of an achievemnt for me so consider yourself to be a brilliant teacher! I hope to keep it all going now,and have the confidence to go and sing at some folk clubs. I'll let you know if I'm performing near you! RD


I would also like to say such a big thank you for all that you have done for Mum and myself. I never dreamt I would actually be on the permenant look out for the next song that I could sing - so thank you. JG


We have had a great time not just from the singing side of the classes but from a personal level too. What a wonderfully varied and diverse bunch of people you have grouped together. All bringing their own little bit of something individual to the mix......... ..........all thanks to you, have gained not only singing technique but have been lifted to a all time high when it comes to their confidence. JG


"Carolin's course got my singing out of the doldrums and renewed my flagging motivation. Her encouraging comments and positive criticism were very helpful. Her classes provided a great opportunity to get to know other singers and widen one's social contacts for which I am very grateful."SD


Re: Miracle (from someone who hadn't sung since she was 7 yrs old) I just wanted to say a sincere thanks for what you did for me today---I am sure you know what it meant to me ---but wanted to tell you anyway--you are special. HM


Just a note to say thank you for your lesson on Tuesday. I have spent the last couple of days getting really enthusiastic and thinking (and breathing too).JD


Thank you for the singing, and other, help which you gave me .... inspiration to say the least. AH