In the previous section I looked into sound & energy lines surrounding our own bodies and the geometric patterns created through sound. Now I want to show you how, in the law of as above, so below, which the Star of David depicts, these patterns and lines are replicated in the electromagnetic system of energies that surround the earth and then stretch out into space.

If we want to grasp the true nature of matter then we need to understand that the members of secret societies such as the Masons had to swear, on pain of death, never to reveal the secrets of the Order. One of the ultimate of these secrets is that geometry is the hidden key to unlock the mysteries of the Universe. This was so against traditional Christian teachings that those discovered practicing it were tortured or burnt as heretics.

The Masonic Emblem

Notice it's similarity to the star of David.

The G in the emblem symbolises geometry as well as God and the compass and carpenters square show the two main instruments needed to perform a study of sacred geometry. Because of this, and because the masons are very powerful, particularly in the USA, a lot of research in quantum or astro-physics that has picked up this link has never surfaced. In fact Rev CG Finney wrote that even in the late 1800s that the Masons were boasting that they had control of the US print media, govt., military and justice system at the highest levels.

Drunvalo Melchisadek used to run Flower of Life workshops in the USA which show how drawing simple geometric shapes in a particular order, starting with a simple circle, can create the flower of life pattern which replicates the division of the female ovum and thus the science of creation.

Starting with a simple circle, representing the egg, or ovum we then create the division of the ovum by putting the compass point on the radius of the first circle and drawing another. This creates the sacred symbol of the vessica pisces, with the shape of the female vulva in the centre, the source of fertility and life. The other circles are created in the same way, showing how the egg splits into further and further cells. If we then rub out the inner circles and come to the egg of life sequence

Following from this we can then create further patterns if we join up the centres of the egg of life spheres with straight lines. These straight sided forms are known as the Platonic Solids which represent the male aspect of Creation. It is a wonderful geometrical demonstration whiich shows with great clarity the two opposing energies of the universe yin/yang, male female. The soft curvaceous rounded shapes represent the receptive feminine form while the straight, forceful shapes of the platonic solids represent the male element. In geometrical form we see the male emerging from the female.

These shapes are known as the platonic solids and they are the building blocks for the entire universe.