We will be pilgrimaging into the local area, walking mindfully, tuning into the land, the elements, the nature spirits and Mother Gaia, connecting with the dragon, or earth energy lines and leys, and opening our hearts with healing intentions to each other and to the Earth. We will be taught to sing together and to make healing sounds and to then send our sounds out into the land with love, gratitude and honouring. All these activities serve to slow down the active mind, to open the heart and to bring people in touch with their authentic, still and peaceful higher natures, with their fellow humans and with the beauties of the natural world around them. It can be practised by anyone who is inspired by this idea regardless of whether they have any previous experience in this kind of thing, although those who have already entered on a spiritual path will find it easier to understand the concepts. You don't need a beautiful trained voice, just enthusiasm and a commitment to making the earth a better place for us all to live in.