Individual Sessions:

Using the principles outlined in the Sound Healing section I lie the client down on a comfortable therapy couch and use my voice to sound into different areas of the body which seem out of balance during a scanning. Sound healing is probably the oldest form of healing known to man. It offers the possibility of a drug free way of treating pain and illness, is very simple and has no harmful side effects. It is a form of vibrational energy, using the voice, tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls and other healing instruments, which helps to balance the chakras (energy centres) and enables the body's energy to flow, so that the body is able to heal itself more effectively. It is deeply relaxing & soothing. By focussing my voice with healing intention on the chakras and meridians of the body I tone vowel sounds. or sanscrit 'bija mantras'into each chakra in turn. The subtle vibrations of my voice give an internal massage to the organs and nervous system of the body and to the auric fields, stimulating them by a process of entrainment to vibrate in harmony and balance, whilst directing the correct frequencies to areas which are blocked or "out of tune". Combined with the use of other healing instruments which can be played on the client's body powerful harmonics are created which can induce altered states of consciousness, bringing the client to a deep state of meditative calm and inner awareness. You will be left in a state of harmony and balance, feeling deeply relaxed and mentally focussed. In esoteric terms I am helping people to remember the perfection and beauty of who they really are on a deep soul level.

Scientific Explanations:

There is a lot that has been written about chakra toning by different sound healers, notably Jonathan Goldman with his excellent book "Healing Sounds" Many believe that there are specific vowel sounds and pitches that relate to each chakra and there has been some controversy on this subject. I believe that as long as the pitch rises by one tone at each chakra as you move up the body and as long as the healing intention is focussed on each chakra, then the tone that you start with is less important. The vital part is that the intention - as Gurdjieff said, is focussed as you tone to keep to the principle of 3 i.e INTENTION + SOUND =MANIFESTATION.

I add 2 extra chakras to the usual 7; at the feet, to give firm grounding and at the base of the brain, the part known by some as monkey brain, or reptilean brain, which holds all our habitual thoughts, fears and worries.

The following picture shows the vowel sounds that work best for me, along with the colours to visualise. However everyone should experiment, as different systems work well for different people. It's just a matter of preference and practise and working out what is most effective for you. Every vowel has its own psychological significance and each one will vibrate in different parts of the body. The pitch of the voice also plays an important role in this. Low deep sounds resonate and vibrate the lower part of the body, mid-range sounds the middle part, while the upper ranges vibrate the top of the head and crown.

This picture shows the areas in the body that each chakra is connected with and also some suggested pitches for each tone, although these are purely guide lines. Since each body has a different fundamental pitch to which it resonates more strongly than to any other it makes sense that everyone will have a slight variation in starting tone. As long as you start at a low pitch for the base chakra and rise up in pitch as you tone each chakra moving up the spine, using also the power of healing intention, then you will achieve a balancing and aligning of these energy centres.

The Left picture shows all the movement of the electro magnetic energy waves around the body and it is interesting when compared with the Caduceus symbol, the symbol the medical profession use as their symbol of health. The waves in the Caduceus take on exactly the same patterns and the spiralling snake in both images corrrespond to the chakras. The snake could also be seen as balancing the opposing forces of male and female, yin and yang and is similar in structure to the Double Helix of the DNA molecules. I use this symbol at the end of my sessions to visualise Chi energy rising up the central rod as I breathe in, then the spiralling flow of energy circling down and round the body and the chakras as I breathe out.

The DNA Double Helix

The staff of Caduceus - the symbol of health used by the medical profession

The similarity in the spiral shapes in the caduceus symbol, the DNA double helix and also in the picture of the spiralling patterns of energy waves creating electro- magnetic wireless currents around the body are obviously not a coincidence. Could it be that in toning and balancing our chakras we are actually balancing our entire DNA structure?

It has also been proven that by toning "mmm"into the spine we are balancing and aligning the right and left lobes of our brain and thus balancing the masculine, feminine, yin/yang elements of our psyche.