Carolin began singing at an early age, according to her parents before she spoke, finding it to be a medium through which she could express her feelings, her joyful inner self and her sense of belonging to a greater whole. She had a musical background with parents who put on operas in their garden, so her early memories are of taking part as a child walk-on and singing in the chorus.

She trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama under Duncan Robertson and Laura Sarti, and then privately with Jessie Cash. In opera she has sung professionally with Kent Opera, English National Opera, Glyndebourne Festival Opera, Opera Rara and a small touring chamber opera company Opera Roundabout. She has had a lot of experience also as a solo recitalist and with her group the Elysium Ensemble, which took historically related concerts of music and verse to Stately Homes and with The Capriccio Ensemble, a chamber group formed with her ex husband the cellist Sebastian Comberti and the pianist Jose Feghali.

In 1996, after receiving inspiration from a Voice conference at the Findhorn Foundation in North Scotland called "Songs of Heaven and Earth", she embarked on her life's search to rediscover the spiritual and holistic connection with her voice and her belief that free vocal expression is our natural birthright and an essential part of our healthy well being. Carolin trained as a workshop leader of Natural Voice with Frankie Armstrong and took courses with The Voices Foundation in the Kodaly method of teaching singing to young people. After this she studied for an M.A at Middlesex University under their Work-based Learning Studies in "The Holistic Role of Vocal Music and Sound Healing in the Community"

She researched into how the voice, by producing internal vibrations, can be used as a healing tool and how vocal harmonics and droned vowel sounds directed into the body can balance the entire human organism, from the physical body out through all the auric layers. Jill Purce, who runs overtone singing workshops, wrote "our voice is our key to spiritual transformation, directly linked through breath to the activities of the mind. Thus working with the voice we can learn to enter the state the Tibetans call "Rigpa", the awareness which combines emptiness with clarity."

She now offers concerts to Hospitals, Old Peoples Homes, Hospices and Children's homes which she finds have a very healing effect on the recipients, transporting them into a state of calm and contentment. Listening to familiar songs from their youth has a very uplifting and rejuvenating effect. Her ambition is to now develop concerts as a "singing troubadour" performing healing concerts in troubled areas of the world to promote peace and a raising of human consciousness to the idea that peace comes from within.

She performs an eclectic and wide range of music, from classical, opera, oratorio, folk, to blues and popular show songs,

She also offers a wide variety of therapeutic voice workshops to give participants the power to reclaim their own voices and thus their personal self-empowerment and healing.